Knowledgebase/Decision SystemsLet the computers take care of support

Let the computers take care of support

StarSeed is at the forefront of artificial intelligence. With our customizable knowledge-based systems that utilize an advanced artificial intelligence back-end, you can have an AI running your support, and even interact with your customers as if it were an actual human. Why would I want a knowledge base system?
  1. Ease unnecessary support call or emails
  2. Save time, save money, and allow customers to figure out their own problems before escalating them to a technician.
  3. Easily modifiable and adaptable to your needs: it can learn on its' own.
  4. It’s awesome.

How can I incorporate a knowledge-base system in my business?

We currently are deploying the system on your own systems; we are working on an API. As such, we gather the requirements towards your custom application. The system is highly customizable, and you have the ability to teach it what you need it to do. For example, if you are running a hosting business and require a 24/7 support line available for your clients, our system has the ability to learn and adapt to your requirements, and be available online all the time. By using our knowledge-based system, you have the ability to keep support online every day, all day without the unnecessary expenses of having under trained or under qualified human support technicians on staff. Best of all, our system requires virtually no sick days and no personal days off (minus upgrades or enhancements to the system itself).

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