Software DevelopmentDesigned beautifully and efficiently

Designed beautifully and efficiently

Customize existing software or create new ones, just for your business. Whatever your software needs our, we love building software! Just some of the software styles we've developed or modified:

E-Commerce Systems

Great for any business that wants to sell their unique products online. Included features Real-time shipping rates Bulk product uploads (import/exports) Real-time shopper tracking Web based order fulfillment engine Coupons, discounts, user accounts and much more

Project Management

Manage your projects easily and effectively with your own project management system! Some included features are: Organizing and planning the work Assigning tasks and activities Controlling project execution Tracking and Reporting progress Include rates/rate tracking Bug-tracking And so much more.

Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) allows non-technical users to make changes to an existing website with little or no training. Think WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, etc. Included features Scalable – modules can be installed to extend an existing site’s functionality Workflow & document management Customizable templates Easy content editing/manipulation And so much more.

Customer Relationship Management

CRMs deal with your customers: they allow you to track customers, leads, where they are at, progress, and everything related to customer management. Even though there are many CRMs available, they don’t always do exactly what you want. That’s why you customize it! Some features include: Tracking leads and targets, and what stage of purchase they are in Sending out newsletters to said targets Overall analysis and trends Modifiable from the inside-out.

Web Portals

Provide personalized capabilities and a pathway to other content to your visitors. A web portal is designed to provide services from a number of different sources to share collaboration in workplaces. Access the contents from multiple platforms, such as computers, tablets, and phones. Portal Types Entertainment Portals Environmental Portals Investment Portals B2B and B2C Portals Mini Portals


Need a way to interact with your clients? Web forums (aka: message or discussion boards, or bulletin boards) can be the answer. It allows users to post content, and you to respond. A sense of virtual community often develops around forums that have regular users.


Talk about the latest news in your company, new features, whatever you like. The more relevant the content, the more users will read and interact. Blogs are a great way to garner interest and bring new clients to the table.

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