Server MigrationsSet up and ready to go

Set up and ready to go

Do you plan on moving a fleet of cars with your bare hands? If not, then you should not move your servers by yourself. Server migrations are complex operations that require careful planning and execution. StarSeed has migration specialists that have decades of combined experience. We will help you move from old servers to new with minimal (if any) downtime. You can also have your servers virtualized. That way, not only are migrations easier to implement in the future, you will be able to move your hosts across less-used servers to stabilize workload – or if your server(s) crash.

Some of your migration options:

  • Entire systems – from simple file servers to custom application servers and domain controllers
  • Migrate from a physical server to virtual server
  • Migration from a virtual machine of one virtualization platform to another
  • Migrate physical or virtual servers directly into your virtualization software

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