Non-Provisional PatentsProtect your ideas for up to 20 years

Protect your ideas for up to 20 years

Non-provisional patent applications require
  • at least one formal patent claim,
  • an oath or declaration by the inventor(s), and
  • any applicable information disclosure/prior art statement(s).

Research, then File
  • Secure your invention for up to 20 years
  • Flat fee filing – will not cost you an arm and a leg (and a kidney)
  • Ensure patent-pending once filed
Unlike other companies, StarSeed will not ask to be included as an author on your patent!

The Process

With StarSeed, we will work with you to develop and write the entire patent application. You sit down with one of our patent specialists who will discuss your idea, research it and tell you if you have a patentable idea. If you do, a flat-fee will be agreed upon, which includes drawings. You will work with your very own patent specialist to get your patent drafted and filed.

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